ADDO Worldwide: The Lens and 8 Essential Exchanges

Unique Online Courses Based on the Popular Books

Check out our new offering for early-career bankers, new or developing managers, teams and even more experienced leaders looking for an affordable way to build leadership and personal management skills. GBA has collaborated with author and leadership consultant Kevin Scott of ADDO Worldwide to bring you two unique online courses based on his popular books. 

Each course includes a book, a workbook for a facilitator or self-study and access to a series short online session videos.

  • The Lens – A 10-part course that helps leaders develop different ways of looking at things. Leaders often make changes to organizational structure, strategies, and personnel without addressing the one thing that can radically transform their lives and their leadership: perspective. They often overlook this pivotal principle that will unlock and unleash their potential. View previews of the Lens hereOrder the course here.
  • 8 Essential Exchanges – A nine-part course that identifies eight clear exchanges that often confront us, and provides insight on how making the right exchange can have profound impact. Every choice is a value statement. The most important exchanges are between really good things and even better things. Those are much harder, but they shape our lives in disproportionate ways. View previews of the Exchanges course hereOrder the course here.

Each course is $325 per person for up to 10 participants. Orders of more than 10 are discounted at $275 per person. The GBA Human Resources Committee has endorsed these programs.

With questions, contact David Oliver.