Office Depot

Office Depot National Buying Program
GBA Member banks, Associate Members, Bank Counsel Section members and employees 
of those companies can participate in the GBA Office Depot Group Purchasing Program. Get discounts up to 80% off MSLP on a core list of over 800 frequently ordered, deeply discounted products featuring many high use commodity items. Plus, choose 75 additional items customized to your company that will get steep discounts. There are more benefits listed below.

As an Office Depot customer you will have access to Office Depot's exclusive Business Services Division website, strategic brand name partnerships, multi-billion dollar buying power, and ease in economizing your operations. Enjoy customer service from Office Depot that is unmatched in the industry.

Member Company Registration

Member Employee Registration

If you are an employee of a GBA member organization, you can register for an Employee Discount Account by clicking here. Get the same savings for personal supplies as your bank, plus save 10% on in-store or online purchases.

Program Highlights

  • Up to 80% off MSLP on a core list of 800+ frequently ordered, deeply discounted products featuring many high use commodity items.

  • Your own customized list of an additional 75 items using the same steeply discounted pricing matrix as the core list. This additional 75 list is where you would want to include items that are specific to your organization, such as toner and ink jet cartridges.

  • For miscellaneous items outside the core and custom tailored list you can choose any other product in the Business Services Division full line catalog at 10% off retail published prices (excludes technology products).

  • Free, next-day delivery by Office Depot truck or UPS, depending on your location.

  • Access to the award winning Business Services Division website for placement of orders, online catalog, stock availability, order history, product returns, and usage reports.

  • The support of a local account manager who is responsible for total account management customer satisfaction.

  • In addition to office supplies you'll also receive discounts on office furniture, print/copy services, custom business forms, stationery supplies, promotional products, lunchroom and janitorial provisions.

  • Discount program for member employees.

  • The Office Depot team will provide you with on-going creative and innovative procurement solutions by identifying preferred product and process improvement opportunities.

Contact: Issac Mares
855.337.6811 x12878