GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention

For many years, GBA members have relied on the association-produced record retention manual to not only stay in compliance with state and federal retention requirements, but to also save money by not keeping records longer than necessary.

Why do you need the Guide to Bank Record Retention?
The new GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention will provide the peace of mind that a complete record retention policy and procedures manual affords. This guide and manual will aid your bank in developing a complete, workable and understandable record retention program that is vital to the bank’s daily routine. Appropriate record retention policies are considered a safe and sound business practice because these policies assist in regulatory compliance and provide guidelines your customer’s can count on should their bank records be subpoenaed. If you already have a record retention policy, you will still want to purchase the newly revised version to ensure your current policy is current.

Here’s why Record Retention should be a priority…
To be in compliance, your institution must maintain thousands of different types of records. It is critical that you follow regulations and laws as well as industry best practices in order to stay in compliance. But record storage and maintenance is costly whether you store the records onsite or pay to have them stored professionally. Knowing when records can be destroyed could save your institution time and money – both in terms of storage fees and in complying with legal requests.Using the GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention, members have at their finger tips the latest guidelines for record retention on more than 4,000 separate banking-related items. The 232 page guide gives you retention schedules covering both Federal and State retention laws and regulations as well as reproducible forms to use internally in the bank. 

Copies are $325.00 plus tax and shipping.

Bo Brannen