New GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention is Now Online

Featuring Bank Record Retention Quick Notes©, by Carl Pry

The GBA is pleased to announce that the updated GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention, featuring Bank Record Retention Quick Notes©, by Carl Pry, is now available for purchase. It is designed to be a fast and easy-to-use reference for the most common types of records questions that bankers encounter in a completely online format.

This guide is intended to support the development of a complete and understandable record retention program at your bank. Record retention policies are required by regulators and important for your customers if their bank records are ever subpoenaed.

About BRR Quick Notes

The Quick Notes© refer to federal or general industry practices in six broad topic areas: General; Deposits and Operations; Loans; Securities; Human Resources; and Tax. They also contain the available requirements of FinCEN, CFPB, OCC, NACHA, IRS, SEC, FDIC, FRB and other relevant state agencies. Including over 75+ recent changes, the newly released edition is further streamlined to assist bankers at every level. Additions include new independent sections on both Trusts & Estates and Audit as well as numerous other relevant updates throughout the rest of this unique industry guidebook.

About the Author

Bank Record Retention Quick Notes© author Carl Pry, Managing Director of Treliant Risk Advisors, is a seasoned compliance professional with experience in banking law, corporate finance, and regulatory compliance in Fortune 500 institutions, regional banks and industry-leading consulting firms. Pry is an instructor at GBA’s Basic and Advanced Compliance Schools and is a frequent contributor to and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA Bank Compliance magazine. Pry is a featured speaker for numerous banking, compliance, and state bar associations and leads training sessions across the country. Pry is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager and Certified Risk Professional.

Additionally, we have included an excerpt from the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance's Final Rulemaking, adopted June 27, 2018, which contains changes to Chapter 80-10-1, Georgia’s state-specific retention requirements. These rules were filed with the Secretary of State on June 27, 2018 and, pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50-13-6, were effective as of July 17, 2018. Please note that these regulations are current as of this date of publication, however the rules may be updated by the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance through a subsequent rulemaking process.

We hope that you will find this to be a valuable resource to help your bank. The new guides are priced at $125 + tax.

To place an order, please contact GBA’s Bo Brannen,