GBAIT Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance benefits are based on the benefit amount selected by your employer. In addition to the life benefit, an employee also has accidental death and dismemberment in an amount equal to their life insurance coverage. Dependents are eligible to be insured for life insurance on the same date the employee is insured, subject to enrollment requirements.

All Eligible Employees


Life Schedule I

One (1) times salary

Life Schedule IV*

Two (2) times salary

Life Schedule VI*

2 1/2 times salary

Life Schedule II*


Life Schedule V*


Life Schedule VII*


Dependent Life Benefits on All Life Schedules

Spouse & Child(ren)

Dependents over 14 days through age 26

$ 2,000

Employees who cover their dependents under the basic dependent life program can buy an additional $8,000 on each eligible dependent.

*Maximum of $350,000. All principal amounts of life insurance for each eligible employee have an equal corresponding amount of accidental death and dismemberment coverage. The AD&D coverage does not apply to retiree or dependent life amounts.


This is a summary and not a contract. For more information, please refer to the Life Insurance Booklet.

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