SNL Banker | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Discounts are available for GBA members through this partnership.

GBA is proud to promote SNL Banker, an offering from S&P Global Market Intelligence, as our recommended solution for financial performance management. The SNL Banker tool provides GBA members the opportunity to use internal, customer data as one of their most valuable assets.

SNL Banker is an essential analytic solution that offers community bankers a powerful and affordable business intelligence application. This time-saving tool seamlessly integrates data from your core, general ledger (GL), and other internal systems and centralizes it into an easy-to-use data warehouse. Bankers gain instant access to daily performance metrics and insights to inform your decision-making. With tools from SNL Banker, you can turn raw data into actionable intelligence for:

  • Risk Management: new insights into customers, product, and employee activity
  • Profitability: clarity on your most profitable products and customers
  • Automation: reduce manual collection and upload of data into Excel
  • Historical Analysis: store daily to yearly core data
  • Compliance: bank-wide consistency meeting regulatory needs.

Contact: HD Jacobs