The Abrigo suite of portfolio risk and CECL solutions offers banks powerful choices for the automation of data-heavy tasks like stress testing, portfolio analysis, and CECL calculations. Abrigo’s Credit Risk Software helps institutions make defensible credit decisions with speed and precision on one connected system, reducing bottlenecks in the lending process. Its lending software automates the lending process to reduce origination costs and lending inefficiencies.

With Abrigo’s Portfolio Risk Solution, you can manage portfolio-wide risk automatically with one-time data entry and robust frameworks that make it easy to gain maximum operational efficiency by connecting stress testing, expected losses, assets/liability modeling, and more. Their software automates key processes empowering our customers by addressing their Enterprise Risk Management needs.

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Discounts and Benefits for GBA Members:

  • 15% discount on the software Bundles list price.
  • Additional 5% discount per additional Bundle purchased (maximum of 20% additional).
  • 2 free passes to Abrigo’s annual ThinkBig conference.
  • Abrigo’s Special Assets Management Solution is included at no additional cost with the purchase of the Sageworks Platform & Sageworks Analysis Bundles.

Contact: Laura Wahl