John M. Floyd & Associates (JMFA)

Overdraft Privilege Program
M. Floyd and Associates is the preferred vendor of the JMFA Overdraft Privilege® program. JMFA is a performance-improvement and profitability consulting firm, and the JMFA Overdraft Privilege® is a valuable non-discriminatory, 100-percent compliant automated overdraft program that strengthens account holder satisfaction and raises market share. Here's a link to additional information about JMFA Overdraft Privilege®. We encourage you and your bank to give John M. Floyd and Associates an opportunity to evaluate your current overdraft procedures or programs. And, we hope they'll get the opportunity to earn your business should you feel their product is a good fit for the bank and your customers.

Click the link below to read a recent article by JMFA's EVP of Compliance Cheryl Lawson. In the article, Lawson reminds banks about six best practices banks should maintain to ensure confidence that their overdraft solution is working in the best interest of their account holders after the recent passage of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (S.2155).

Best Practices Lead to Best Results: As Regulators Shift Focus, Fully Disclosed Financial Services still Matter

Waid Thompson, Regional Director