Monarch Private Capital

The Georgia Bankers Association (GBA), through it subsidiary, GBA Services Inc., is pleased to announce the endorsement of Monarch Private Capital (MPC) as a GBA Strategic Partner. MPC is a syndicator and broker of state and federal tax credits. Headquartered in Georgia, MPC operates in multiple states and transacts tax credits in more than 20 states, in addition to Federal credits. MPC is one of the largest and most reputable firms brokering both the Georgia low income housing and film/entertainment credits. MPC invests in projects which generate transferable state and federal tax credits in the following industries:

  • Low Income Housing
  • Film & Entertainment
  • Alternative Energy Production Facilities
  • Historic, Mill & Abandoned Building Rehabilitation

Since 2005, Monarch Private Capital has facilitated investments in over 600 projects generating $3 billion tax credits and $6 billion in economic development in more than 25 states. They underwrite and market their credits with a conservative and diligent approach. No investors have suffered a recapture loss from any of MPC’s credits.

Brent Barringer