ODP Business Solutions™

ODP Business Solutions™
GBA Member banks, Associate Members, Bank Counsel Section members and employees 
of those companies can participate in the GBA Office Depot Group Purchasing Program. Get discounts up to 80% off MSLP on a core list of over 800 frequently ordered, deeply discounted products featuring many high use commodity items. Plus, choose 75 additional items customized to your company that will get steep discounts.

As an Office Depot customer you will have access to Office Depot's exclusive Business Services Division website, strategic brand name partnerships, multi-billion dollar buying power, and ease in economizing your operations. Enjoy customer service from Office Depot that is unmatched in the industry. Please reach out to one of the Office Depot contacts listed on this page to learn more.

Contact: Kimberly Gilbert
855.337.6811, ext. 12815

Contact: Talitha Searcy