GBA Member Profile

Angela Woodard
At Large Member, GBA Compliance Committee
Deposit Compliance Officer
SunMark Community Bank
Hawkinsville, GA

Q: What was your first job, and was there a lesson you learned there that you still use today?

A: I started helping my dad in his clothing store when I was about 12 years old. I started by sweeping the floors and emptying trash cans. I worked my way up and earned his trust to the point that I could actually open the store on Saturday mornings by the time I was 15 or 16. Until I learned and mastered whatever job he gave me, I couldn’t move on to the next one. I learned a lot in those first few years about hard work, how to earn my way up through the ranks and the importance of a strong work ethic. I didn’t get paid much but the lessons were worth more than the money.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your career journey.

A: I had several jobs before I started my banking career. I worked in the automotive industry at a car dealership, in agriculture, for an appraisal company and the tax assessor’s office. When I started my position as a loan operations clerk at the bank in 2003, I found that my previous jobs had prepared me because I knew what deeds, appraisals and car titles looked like. I was familiar with most all of the documents that I would see in my job. I served as loan operations clerk for 11 years, then loan operations manager and loan compliance officer, and now I’m learning a different side of the bank as the deposit compliance officer. Last year, I was able to get my CRCM, which I’m proud to have accomplished; it wasn’t an easy feat!

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: I serve my fellow bank employees, so I think my favorite part is helping people at work and the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years with my co-workers. It’s as if you’re part of a family when you work with somebody all day long; you experience hardships and good times together. I also find it extremely rewarding to see younger people at the bank accomplish things and grow.

Q: How has involvement with GBA and its compliance programs affected your career?

A: GBA has been crucial to my success in my banking career. Most of my training has come through GBA, and I can say sincerely that the best training I’ve received is through GBA’s compliance programs. GBA was instrumental in helping me pass my CRCM exam. People ask me for training recommendations frequently, and I say, “If you can attend a GBA program, it’s the best out there. Really top-notch.”

Q: What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

A: My husband and I like to travel around visiting antique stores, and I collect antique cameras. I have about 50. We’ve managed to find some that are more than 120 years old, so it’s been pretty neat.