GBA Member Profile

Chris McCard
City President
South Georgia Banking Comany, Ashburn
2017-2018 Chairman, GBA Agriculture Committee

Q: Will you share a little insight with us about how you chose banking as a career?

I actually sort of stumbled into a career in banking. After college I took a job in the real estate and appraisal field, and a year later I was offered a position with a local bank, which I accepted. The bank allowed me to continue pursuing my state appraisal certification while learning the different areas of banking as a management/lender trainee. I am glad that I made that decision because I am approaching my 26th year in banking, and it has been a very rewarding career for me and my family.

Q: What's your favorite part of any given day at the bank?
My favorite part of any given day is when I am involved in helping others with their financial needs. I get the most satisfaction from building relationships with my customers and helping them achieve their financial goals in life.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working to help meet the needs of farmers and others involved in Georgia’s agriculture industry? 
The most enjoyable experience when working to meet the needs of farmers is the relationships that are built. Agriculture is the backbone of the community that our bank serves. We have long-term relationships with most of our agricultural customers, so we become connected and all experience the same ups and downs that come with farming. Agriculture is dependent on so many factors beyond our control. As bankers, we have to process the latest forecast, seek the Lord's guidance, and make adjustments accordingly in order to be successful and sometimes just survive. Working together through these challenges builds a unique bond with agricultural customers that is very rewarding.

Q: How have benefited from your participation on GBA Committees and at GBA Conferences like the upcoming Rural Development & Lending program?
The GBA committees that I have served on have been very helpful for my banking career. In addition to being an excellent source of networking, my participation with GBA provides chances to share ideas with others that face similar challenges. I have attended many GBA conferences and schools over my 25 year banking career and have always enjoyed and benefited from them, but the Rural Development & Lending Conference is my personal favorite. The conference always has a great lineup of speakers that provide a wealth of knowledge to make me a better banker.

Q: When you’re not on the job fulfilling your South Georgia Banking Company or GBA duties, what do you like to do?
In my spare time I enjoy hunting and saltwater fishing. I am also an avid Georgia Bulldog football fan and follow them year-round. While I enjoy these activities my most enjoyable times away from work are spent with my wife and two teenagers living life to the fullest!