GBA Member Profile

Cynthia Day
President and CEO
Citizens Trust Bank, Atlanta
GBA Board of Directors, Group 5

Q: What are some leadership lessons you learned early on that you still use today?

There are values and lessons in leadership that I have gained over the years that are enduring. I learned that leadership is a way of life, not a title or position that is bestowed upon you. It’s a way of life that was taught during elementary years, and it started with the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. In business, that translated for me to always foster respect within my team to facilitate the flow of ideas and to embrace differences. For within that environment, collaboration happens and success is cultivated. Lastly, a lesson I learned is to lead by example and others will decide if you really are a leader and willingly follow.

Q: What’s your quick pitch to young people who may be considering getting into banking as a career?

A banking career touches the lives of many people in a very meaningful way. If you desire a career that not only can provide success but be personally gratifying because of its impact, then you will find banking a great fit and a career with a tremendous purpose. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of any day on the job at the bank?

I find it extremely rewarding knowing that the decisions we make can impact the well-being of so many people that have placed their trust in us – trust that we will help grow the family business, secure that new home, send their children to college and grow their communities. That provides purpose and something I look forward to waking up every day and doing.

Q: How have you and your bank benefited from your participation on GBA Committees and at GBA Events throughout the year?

Participation on the GBA committees and at events has been very beneficial to me and my organization. I have enjoyed the networking opportunities, which have allowed me to enhance my relationships and partnerships with other leaders in the financial industry. The information shared at various meetings and events is very informative highlighting current trends and best practices. Additionally, the educational opportunities, support, resources and other services offered by GBA are valued by our associates.

Q: What is one thing your Citizens Trust Bank co-workers and GBA friends and peers might not know about you?

People might not know that I enjoy fun outdoor activities such as parasailing, zip lining, riding Segways and four wheelers.