GBA Member Profile

Dawn B. Griffin
Chair, GBA Services, Inc., Board of Directors
President and CEO
Liberty First Bank

Q: What was your first job, and was there a lesson you learned there that you still use today? 

A: I worked as a teller at Guaranty Savings and Loan Association in Mobile, AL. I actually loved the job. Everything was done by hand in those days, and we stayed in the evenings until the entire system was balanced. I became quite good at running a 10-key adding machine! The one practice that has stuck with me all these many years is to do it right!

Q: How did you get into banking as a career? 

A: Really by accident. When I first married, my husband had just returned from Vietnam. He was going to school in Mobile while waiting to get into the University of Georgia. His brother owned a business there and provided him with a job during that time. The market was tight, but I found a job as a bank teller.

Q: What is the biggest challenge at your bank these days?

A: Proper staffing is a challenge. Finding the best and brightest people to have on our team and getting them adequately trained as quickly as possible.

Q: Why should members support GBA’s partners and services?  

A: I think we need to rely on our state association not only as source of great information about our industry/peers and a provider of exceptional training. I think also turning to GBA for recommendations of services that we may need is a habit we need to cultivate. Our association can provide assurance that the vendor has been properly vetted before recommending to our banks.

Q: When you are not at work, what do you like to do most?

A: This is a loaded question as I like to do many things! I spend a good bit of my personal time doing charitable activities – this is a passion.  I love to cook, craft and read, but I also love being “Honey” to four awesome little boys! The lake and coast are my happy places, and I love time spent there as well.