GBA Member Profile

Heath Fountain
President and CEO
Planters First Bank, Cordele
GBA Director, Group 3

Q: Will you share a little insight with us about how you chose banking as a career?

I took a different path than many. I became interested in banking working as a CPA conducting bank audits, and then I worked for a bank as a financial advisor. I absolutely love what we do and I believe community banking is what makes our economy great in the United States. 

Q: What's your favorite part of any given day working at the bank?

Anytime I get to interact with a customer or prospective customer.

Q: What is one thing you heard on the recent trip to Washington D.C. that made you hopeful?

It was good to hear that we might get some relief from the executive branch to lessen regulatory overreach. Hearing that gives me more hope than relying on Congressional action.

Q: What is one thing that the folks in D.C. need to hear more from Georgia bankers about?

I don’t think many of the regulators and policymakers know the practical impacts their actions have. I think we need to give them real-life examples of how their actions often negatively affect the very people they are trying to help. 

Q: How have you benefited from your participation on GBA boards and committees and at GBA events such as the upcoming Annual Meeting?

I have really enjoyed my participation in the GBA. The networking opportunities are great. When I am facing a tough situation at the bank, I can always think of someone who has been through something similar and reach out to get some advice. I also always take away some action items that can improve our bank and make every event worthwhile.  

Q: What is one thing your Planters First Bank co-workers and GBA friends might not know about you?

I really like building things. I enjoy working with my hands and I am a decent carpenter, plumber and electrician.