GBA Member Banker Profile

Jackson McConnell
GBA Chairman-Elect
President and CEO
Pinnacle Bank, Elberton

What’s the summary story about how you became a career banker?
My grandfather and father were bankers.  The summer I turned 13 I started working at the bank doing various chores such as pulling weeds or painting curbs.  Each summer things got a little more interesting – bookkeeping, teller, customer service, etc.  After college I went to work for Trust Company as a commercial banker.  In 1994, I moved home to work here.

What are some lessons you learned early on that you still use today?
It’s all about taking care of people. The bankers I worked with were kind, direct and firm when necessary but always with service in mind.

The most misunderstood thing about banking or bankers is…
Banking is about people and their stories, not numbers.  We have to crunch numbers, but what makes it fun and enjoyable is interesting people.

How does involvement in GBA help you and your bank? 
We lean on GBA for education, for keeping our people up to date on changes in technology, regulation, best practices and to help them grow as professionals. The advocacy on behalf of banks is invaluable but it is also important that we understand the issues we face as a business and an industry. I’m a better banker and businessman if I know more about my industry.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do most?
Anything outdoors – biking, running, hiking, skiing, water sports.