GBA Member Profile

Jay Rajaee
Chief Security Officer
United Community Bank, Greenville, SC
Member, GBA Security Committee

Q: What was your first job, and was there a lesson you learned there that you still use today?
A: I worked in construction when I was in the 8th grade, where I learned two lessons: (1) There is tremendous value and reward in physical labor, and (2) I should not be allowed to use demolition tools without supervision.

Q: What was the most useful piece of advice you received from a mentor (or in the early/formative years of your career)?
A: "When you leave a job, leave the place better than how you found it, and the lack of your presence should hurt."

Q: Tell us about one experience you’ve had that exemplifies being a banker or your role at the bank.
A: A customer was the victim of a business email compromise fraud and lost a $200k wire. She called me weekly for four months. We finally recovered the funds, and I remember the joy in her voice.

Q: Pet peeve?
A: People who don’t return calls/texts/emails.

Q: Most used app?
A: LinkedIn

Q: TV show or series you love?
A: Probably a tie between The Wire and Breaking Bad.

Q: When you’re not on the job at the bank, what do you like to do?
A: I like to fly fish.