GBA Member Profile

Jimmy Wilson
Southwest Georgia Division President
Renasant Bank, Albany
GBA Public Affairs Committee, At Large

Q: Will you share a little insight with us about how you chose banking as a career?  

That’s easy!  Growing up in South Georgia working all kinds of jobs during the summer months, I knew that a desk job would be in my future.  Seriously, after graduating with a degree in accounting, right out of college I was given an opportunity with the Federal Land Bank in Dawson, now the Farm Credit Service, as a commercial lender.  Really loved the interaction with customers and serving their needs.  After an eight year tenure with Farm Credit, I moved to the Commercial banking world with First State Bank in Albany.  Thank you Luke Flatt for the opportunity!!

Q: What's your favorite part of any given day working for Renasant Bank?

Arriving early in the morning before the phone starts ringing, drinking my coffee and planning the day ahead.

Q: How important is it for bankers in Georgia to stay actively engaged with their local, state lawmakers to make sure we keep a strong voice in the state as well as in Washington D.C.?

Critically important!!  It really does make a difference with a one on one interaction with our local and state legislators.  I learned early on that if you are not actively in front of your legislators, your competitor will be…..

Q: How have benefited from your participation on GBA Committees and at GBA Events like the upcoming Legislative/Economic Forum and Legislative Reception?

As a member of the Public Affairs Committee, I strongly recommend active participation by all of our GBA Members.  The benefits are far reaching.  As stated, it does make a difference having the one on one contact with our legislators.  Elizabeth Chandler is a strong voice for us with the legislators as well as being respected for her role in protecting our industry.  Thank you Elizabeth!

Q: What is one thing your Renasant Bank co-workers and GBA friends and peers might not know about you?

Learning from one of my many summer jobs, I am considered a pretty good local pizza chef!!