GBA Member Profile

Katie Stewart
Retail Marketing Manager
WB&T Bankshares, Waycross

Q: How long have you been in the banking industry, and will you share some insight into what attracted you to work for a bank? 
I started at WB&T Bankshares in January 2015, so I’ve been in banking for a little over a year and a half. It is SUCH a wonderful place to work! I was looking for an organization that was grounded in the community and committed to genuinely serving others. “Plugged in,” I guess you could say. It was important for me to find a job where I could contribute in a meaningful way while still being challenged and supported. I found it!

Q: What was your very first job, and was there a lesson you learned there you apply today? 
My dad is an entrepreneur, so as early as I can remember my brother and I went to work with him on Saturdays. All through high school we worked at his businesses under different managers and in different roles. One summer all I did was alphabetize files! It was horrible. But it taught me the value of hard work. 

Q: What’s the most common misconception about the Millennial generation? 
That’s a dangerous question! I can only speak for myself, but I would want bankers to know that we do still want personal connections and relationships, but that looks really different for us than it did for someone 10 or 20 years ago. Most of us don’t remember life before cell phones, email or frozen microwavable meals. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to connect with people or “know our banker.” It just means our vision of what that looks like is different. 

Q: What’s the biggest challenge facing bank marketing professionals? 
I think the challenge is the ability to communicate effectively to all types of customers. If you have a diverse customer base (in terms of age) then making sure that your message is heard can be difficult – especially with the various forms of media. Add regulations and personnel restraints on top of that. Every day is truly an adventure.

Q: When you’re not at work, what do you like to do for fun? 
I love to be outside – running, hiking, going to the beach and fishing. I even hunt some. My husband and I have two pups that like to take walks, so we do that a good bit. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, doing interior design and, of course, shopping!