GBA Member Profile

Latisha Brundidge
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Internal Audit
Talbot State Bank, Woodland
GBA Compliance Committee, At Large
GBA Compliance School Graduate

Q: How long have you been in banking, and will you share a little insight with us about how you became a career banker?

I’ve been in banking 16 ½ years. Immediately after graduating college, I was offered a job with Talbot State Bank as a teller. Since I’ve been with Talbot, I have served as a liaison between the customers and the bank providing, in most cases, whatever service the customer needs. I have worked as an internal auditor, branch manager, customer service rep, Bank Secrecy Act officer, compliance officer and information security officer, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! 

Q: What’s something you’ve learned from a mentor or another banker you’d like to share?

A good friend once shared with me that if you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. I absolutely love compliance and the people that I encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Q. What is the biggest change in bank compliance you’ve seen since you began your career?

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was the biggest change I’ve seen in my career. The Dodd-Frank Act was designed to build a safer, more stable financial system and prevent excessive risk taking, but with all the new regulations and constant changes, in my opinion, this law seems have contributed to high levels of doubt in the financial sector and continuous struggles within community banks.  

Q: Why are programs like the GBA Advanced Compliance School good for bankers?

The GBA Advanced Compliance School is good for bankers because it is a long-term investment in your career. This school helps compliance professionals develop the compliance management skills needed to improve and manage complex compliance programs. What’s more, you will develop a vital, ongoing network of contacts and resources you can rely on well into the future. For me, the networking and resources have been the best part of attending the Advanced Compliance School. 

Q: When you’re not on the job at the bank, what do you like to do?

I absolutely love spending time with my family and taking road trips to the beach. I love people, so I spend a lot of time serving in my community. I am a mentor and a volunteer teacher at my church, and I’m a volunteer VIP reader at my son’s Elementary School.