GBA Member Profile

Nic Worthy
Market President, Senior Vice President
Colony Bank, Rochelle
Chair, 2021-2022 GBA Agriculture Committee

Q: What was your first job, and was there a lesson you learned there that you still use today?
A: My first job was working for some farmers on the Crisp/Pulaski County line harvesting watermelons. There were many long, hot days, and you’d get to wondering if we were ever going to make it to the end of the rows. There were seven of us loading the wagons in the field and the same seven of us unloading those wagons onto semis at the barn or at the farmer’s market. Reflecting on that time, several great lessons were instilled in me. First, we had a goal each day. Without a good work ethic and a strong drive to get the job done, that goal was not going to be met. Second, you learned that you can push yourself far beyond your comfort zone and with a good team you can accomplish any task together. Third was timing and organization. In my role today at Colony Bank, I continue to apply these work tactics. Without a good team, drive, determination, work ethic, timing, organization and pushing yourself above that comfort zone, you cannot come close to reaching goals and helping your customers with solutions to their financial needs. Finish the rows…

Q: What was the most useful piece of advice you received from a mentor or in the early/formative years of your career?
A: “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Q: Tell us about one experience you’ve had that exemplifies being a banker, such as a service story that really helped a customer or a quirky story.
A: Working on my 20th year in banking, I’d have to say giving back to the community most exemplifies being a banker. There are many stories here, but over the years I have really enjoyed speaking at local schools and being involved with FFA, 4-H and the local Young Farmer program. It is really rewarding when students come back to you years later and thank you for the financial advice. They really appreciate being able to understand why credit is so important and getting the tools to start out on the right path to achieve their goals.

Q: First tap/click of the day?
A: My weather app. I like to stay well in tune with the weather being I’m in a community where the main assets are agriculture related.

Q: Pet peeve?
A: Being on time. My dad instilled this in me, and I am very thankful he did!

Q: What would someone be surprised to learn about you?
A: I enjoy working in the yard and working on my tractor. I basically love anything outdoors. I also enjoy cooking. There’s nothing better than a fresh cooked meal to sit around the table with your family and enjoy!