GBA Member Banker Profile

Rick Drews
GBA Vice Chairman
CEO, Century Bank of Georgia
, Cartersville

Why do you like being a career banker?
Banking, particularly community banking, is a profession that uniquely encompasses so many different vocations – law, accounting, politics, sales, architecture, public relations and even a bit of psychology – all things that absolutely interest me. And more importantly, while it sounds corny, we actually do help people fulfill their dreams. I’ve been blessed to be a community banker my entire adult life. It has been an extremely fulfilling and rewarding career. I still enjoy going in to work.

What’s a quick lesson you learned early on that you still use today?

A quick “no” is generally better than a slow “yes."

The most misunderstood thing about banking or bankers is…
The obvious is “bankers’ hours!” But I think today, bankers are usually portrayed as greedy. But, I honestly believe that community bankers are among the most caring, compassionate and giving people I know. Whether it is the bank’s money or their time, community bankers give freely of both. It’s in our nature.

How does involvement in GBA help you and your bank?

From training, to educational conferences and executive roundtables, to insurance and 401(k) management, Century Bank of Georgia takes advantage of nearly every resource GBA provides. As for me personally, my involvement has allowed me to associate with and gain perspectives and experiences from some of the best and brightest Georgia bankers. We are a better bank, and I’m a better banker, because of our involvement. The great thing about GBA is that this organization understands that we are all stronger together than separate. We have the smallest and largest banks in the state as members. Georgia banking’s message comes through so much clearer and more effective when we speak as one, whether with our legislators or regulators, for the good of the entire industry. We don’t need to attack each other because there are those outside the industry doing that already. GBA’s leadership understands this and is working to protect and improve the future and vitality of all Georgia banks.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do most?

I like to play golf and spend time with my family.