GBA Member Profile

Ricky Robertson
Corporate Security Officer
Atlantic Capital Bank, Atlanta
Chairman, GBA Security Committee

Q: How long have you been working in the banking industry? Will you share a little insight with us about how you chose security as a career focus?.

I’ve been in the banking industry for approximately 10 years. Before joining the banking industry, I was a detective at a sheriff’s department. I was recruited by a mentor to join the security department of a larger bank, and that lead me to heading up security departments at community banks. I have a passion to serve and a passion to protect. Bank security has given me the opportunity to continue to serve and protect outside of law enforcement.    
Q: As someone who oversees security at your bank, how do you personally benefit by participating in GBA programs like the upcoming Bank Security Conference?

Bank Security is a unique career field. Typically in smaller or community banks, there’s only one working in the Security department responsible for covering the whole bank’s program. This person also probably wears multiple hats for the bank. This means there’s no one else at the bank of whom you can ask questions to or lean on in difficult circumstances. So, I’ve benefited by building a “security tribe” with fellow GBA Bank Security Conference attendees. I have asked questions and developed best practices from my interactions with this tribe.  
Q: How do you predict bank security will improve in 2017?

Each year technology in bank security improves. These improvements have included better cameras, better alarms and better fraud analytics. 
Q: What do you predict will become the biggest challenge in bank security in 2017 and beyond?

This biggest challenge will be, and has always been, employee safety. With the thoughts and the ever increasing news about active shooter events, we want to develop best practices on how to avoid and mitigate these terrible events. 
Q: When you’re not on the job fulfilling your Atlantic Capital Bank or GBA duties, what do you like to do?

I am very active in my church and community. I am a husband of a beautiful wife, Cherri, and father of two wonderful children, Caleb and Caitlyn. I spend many evenings at ballfields, courts, and tracks. I am a Deacon at New Life Baptist Church in Dalton, and a member of the local Rotary Club. I love to run and enjoy competing in marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks.