GBA Member Profile

Shan Venable
Altamaha Bank and Trust Company, Vidalia, GA
Chair, GBA Operations and Technology Committee
Published Feb. 22, 2024

Q: What led you to a career in banking?
A: I originally started my IT career in the apparel industry in the early 90's. As that industry moved away from US production, in 2002 I decided it was time for me to make a change. The manager who originally hired me introduced me to a community bank in our town that was looking for someone to lead their IT staff. I was hired and 22 years later I'm still in banking!

Q: What was the most useful piece of advice you received in the early/formative years of your career?
A: Commit yourself to seeing the job all the way through to the end. In IT that often means longer hours, nights and weekends. Those sacrifices paid dividends that I benefit from today.

Q: Tell us more about one experience you’ve had that exemplifies being a banker or your role at the bank.
A: I have been fortunate that my entire IT career has been right here in Vidalia. I was with three different banks, and several people here were instrumental in making that happen. I get to repay that favor to several of them who are much older now and seek my advice and help with their technology issues.

Q: What would someone be surprised to learn about you?
A: I used to have a falconry license and flew red-tailed hawks.

Q: Podcast you recommend?
A: The Take Out with Major Garett

Q: Book that you love/has made an impact?
A: Anything Lewis Grizzard wrote—I loved his humor and southern perspective.

Q: Pet peeve?
A: Being late