Get Involved with GBA's Community of Bankers - Volunteer Now!

At its core, GBA is a member-driven, community of bankers and banking-industry professionals.

Each year, more than 300 career bankers, attorneys and professionals supporting the banking industry participate in boards, committees and other GBA volunteer activities. We have volunteers from banks of all sizes and from every corner of the state.

GBA operates at the direction of its member board of directors, which includes bankers that represent GBA’s geographic regions, members at-large and associate members

We have 25 banker-led boards and volunteer committees that provide guidance on a variety of issues and topics. See the lists at right for details about each.

Committee Structure

Bankers are solicited to volunteer themselves and/or another banker to serve on a committee. The incoming GBA chairman then makes appointments. The terms are staggered, so half the committee members will be appointed each year. Committee members are appointed to ensure a diversity of bank size and geographic representation.

Benefits of being a GBA Board or Committee Member

  • Remain up-to-date on current banking topics.
  • Meet colleagues in your specialty with whom you can share ideas.
  • Gain valuable experience serving on an industry committee.
  • Help ensure that the GBA provides the most current educational programs, products and services for Georgia bankers.

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Attend committee meetings; most committees meet twice a year.
  • Represent the thinking of other bankers.
  • Attend educational programs sponsored by your committee and support other committee activities.
  • Recommend educational issues to the GBA staff which might be disseminated to the general membership.
  • Recommend legislative initiatives to improve the banking system.

Click the links at right about each committee or board for details and to see current members, and you may view the GBA Group Map here.

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