GBA Partner and Product COVID-19 Resources has added COVID-19 layouts that are helping community banks keep customers informed during this challenging time. Just like all layouts on, you can change the copy, colors and photos to fit your brand and needs. Once you've created your design, you can route the piece through your bank’s approval process and begin using it right away. If you are not yet using and would like to learn more, click here, or contact Neal Reynolds with questions at 678.528.6688 or

Employment Law Compliance

COVID-19 New FMLA and Paid Leave Obligations WebinarRecorded March 30
President Trump and Congress have enacted emergency benefits to support financial industry employees as we battle COVID-19. This session is intended to provide specific guidance to banks from a compliance and human resource perspective.

ABA Insurance Services

Safe Alert - Pandemic Preparedness and Financial Institutions
Review of key points of the FFIEC's "Interagency Statement on Pandemic Planning," which provides guidance on business continuity management plans and identifies specific actions that a financial institution should take to mitigate the effects of a pandemic.

DDI Technology

Due to the ongoing situation, DMVs are beginning to limit services and in some cases are closed. This may impact the services DDI is able to perform for you and create delays in processing. State-specific DMV and Title Process Center Status: Click here for up-to-date information by state. The status of these facilities may affect the ability to process and sell vehicles in a timely fashion.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence has launched Coronavirus: The Global Impact, a weekly newsletter highlighting their best insights into public health, the global economy, its sectors, and commodity markets. You can sign up here to receive this newsletter on a regular basis.

GBA Guide to Bank Record Retention

Featuring Bank Record Retention Quick Notes©, 5th Edition, by Carl Pry
This guide is intended to support the development of a complete and understandable record retention program at your bank. Record retention policies are required by regulators and important for your customers if their bank records are ever subpoenaed. Please contact GBA's Director of Member Services Bo Brannen, 404.420.2014, with orders or questions.

Thumbprint Check Fraud Deterrent Program

Once a stimulus package is approved by Congress, people will be coming into the bank to cash those checks. Lower your bank’s check fraud by participating in GBA’s Thumbprint Signature Program. The Thumbprint Signature touch pad is intended to deter counterfeit and stolen check fraud by obtaining a thumbprint signature from non-customers when cashing "on-us" and "not-on-us" checks. Please contact GBA's Director of Member Services Bo Brannen, 404.420.2014, with orders or questions.

Office Depot

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Products – See newly designed safety products available for response to the coronavirus. Options include a Stop Coronavirus Transmission poster, a Coronavirus Illness & Stress flyer and Coronavirus Myths vs. Facts poster. To order, contact: Isaac Mares,, 855.337.6811 x12878. Visit for more details.

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COVID-19 Resource Center - Information to help businesses and individuals weather the coronavirus

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