GBA Member Banker Profile

Kathy Pippin
Senior Collections Officer, Collections Manager
United Bank, Barnesville
GBA Security Committee Chair

Q: How long have you been in banking, and how long have you been involved in security-related work?
I have been with United Bank for 18 years, and the past 13 years of that time has been in the area of physical security. Before joining United Bank, I spent 10 years in law enforcement as an officer/deputy with a local sheriff’s office and with the district attorney’s office.

Q: Cybersecurity and physical security are well-known priorities for bank security teams. Is there an issue (or issues) that you and your colleagues spend a lot of time on that people might not realize is an important security function?
Information security threats, elder abuse, ATM fraud and counterfeit check cashing are all hot topics with any Georgia bank these days. The investigation into any criminal activity can take a lot of behind the scenes time in retrieving, reviewing and saving the data.

Q: How does your and your bank’s participation in GBA’s security-related programs help you most?
Knowledge gained from GBA’s security programs and communication with my fellow bank security officers is a huge benefit.  My fellow bank security officers may be already dealing with something that might become my next security investigation or loss for my bank. Any experience and advice is greatly given and received during these programs.

Q: Why should a bank make sure they have a representative at this year’s GBA Security Conference April 16-17?
This conference hits on a lot of key issues that all banks are experiencing, plus we have added a new internal fraud panel discussion group session. This should be an invigorating conference, and every security officer or anyone in this field should attend. It helps to hear the problems that different bankers are dealing with so other banks can better prepare their institution for these potential threats.

Q: What’s something you’ve learned from a mentor or another banker you’d like to share?
A saying that I even use today, “Know your customers.” From a security perspective, getting to know your customers allows you to learn their routines and habits and helps you detect when something is wrong.

Q: When you’re not on the job at the bank or helping out on the GBA Security Committee, what do you like to do?
I love to travel. My husband and I have visited New York City during each season. Christmas was beautiful. A few more favorite places are New Orleans and Baton Rouge, along with Carrabelle, FL. My husband is a marathon runner, so I enjoy traveling with him to marathons around the country. He’s completed eight marathons; Jackson, MS.; Baton Rouge, LA; Cleveland, OH;  Birmingham, AL; Salt Lake City, UT, Jacksonville, FL; Chattanooga, TN; and Raleigh, N.C. His next marathon is in November in Virginia.