GBA Member Profile

Luke Flatt
President and CEO
AB&T, Albany
GBA Board of Directors, At Large

Q: What is one leadership lesson you have learned that you still think about today?

The Golden Rule which paraphrased is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Everyone wants to be treated with respect and to be honored and appreciated for the gifts they possess and the contributions they make. My goal is to do that every day with everyone I encounter. 

Q: Who gets the most credit for driving you to succeed and grow as an individual? From the beginning until now; who has made the biggest impact?

I think my drive comes from within. It’s how I’m wired. But the growth I’ve experienced as a banker is the result of my interaction with countless good people, inside and outside banking, along the way. I’ve been around so long there are simply too many to name. If there is one person who has impacted me as a person more than anyone, it is my wife, Susan. She is my occasional critic, my most ardent supporter and my best friend. I am a blessed man!

Q: What’s your favorite part of any day on the job at the bank?

Arriving in the morning before most of the staff has arrived and anticipating the day, thinking about the possibilities and what the day will bring. I get excited about every new opportunity and every new day. It still thrills me to see our bankers, particularly the younger ones, have success and I relish celebrating their success with them. 

Q: How does involvement with GBA help you and your bank?

GBA has played a vital role in my career and the careers of thousands of bankers in Georgia throughout its history. It has always been a powerful and respected voice for our industry among legislators, regulators and business leaders across the state and nation. Today, the GBA enjoys unprecedented influence  which is due, in large measure, to the competence and professionalism of Joe Brannen and the staff he has assembled. As an industry, we have been blessed to have Joe advocating for us and speaking on our behalf for almost forty years. 

GBA’s professional development arm has been invaluable in raising the level of knowledge and expertise among bankers. Our team has  benefited directly from the many seminars, conferences, online course, in-person courses, roundtables and schools offered by GBA. I don’t know of another  trade association in Georgia that has the depth and breadth of industry-related educational offerings that  GBA provides. 

Q: When you’re not on the job at the bank or fulfilling your GBA and other civic duties, what do you like to do?

That’s easy to answer. I love being with my granddaughters. Susan and I have two three-year old granddaughters and another due next week. We’re stuck on girls in our family with two daughters and three granddaughters. Fortunately, we have been blessed to add two fine sons-in-law to the fold. My family is my greatest joy! 

When not with my girls, I’m an Auburn athletics junkie. I subscribe to all the recruiting services and follow what’s going on with recruiting, football, basketball, softball, all of them. I actively follow the team looking for the latest news. I attend all the home football games and some away. When Auburn has a game, you’ll find me watching it in person or on TV. Auburn and Auburn athletics is a frequent topic of conversation among my friends and customers. I try not to be obnoxious, but I suspect I am.